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L'inquisitore e i portatori di luce
The Inquisitor and the Lightbearers
author: Valerio Evangelisti

The new exciting adventure of Eymerich, in the script of the first film about the popular character created by Valerio Evangelisti, ready to conquer, after comic books and radio plays, even the movie screen.

In 1341, a Cathar heretics massacre took place in the Pyrenees. The young Dominican Eymerich is there and sees everything: he is shocked by the killing of a child, and  obsessed by the vision of a doll burning in the grass. His spiritual master, the inquisitor Dalmau, urges him upon phlegm.
Twenty years later, in 1362, Eymerich – who, in the meanwhile, has abandoned his duties and has retired in the Dominican cloister of Gerona – is called back into service by a Pope's message. He has to investigate the murder of some inquisitors, which took place in Cahors, France, in the region under British occupation.

Notes to the volume

* Pages 160
* Isbn 9788875801434
* Genre Fiction


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