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Mi chiamo Roberta, ho quarant'anni, guadagno duecentocinquanta euro al mese
My name Is Roberta, I'm Forty Years Old, I Earn 250 Euros A Month
author: Aldo Nove

In this text for the theatre, Aldo Nove investigates the “case temporary employment”. The author explores the naked truth of a lost generation of adults compelled to remain children by a decadent society and an unfair economic system.
Nove chooses as central point of inquiry the fact that precariousness is one with our lives and that it spreads like wildfire in areas previously  considered “safe”, across ages and countries, forcing an entire generation not to be able to buy a house, think about a child in a family, plan a life.
The universality of the stories make this book a perfect sample of our times.

Notes to the volume

* Pages 80
* Isbn 9788875801496
* Genre Theatre


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