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His Majesty
author: Vincenzo Cerami

On a desert island a king and his jester Tarallo, sole survivors of a shipwreck, spend the last days of their existence.
Cerami tells fears and fights, yearnings for the old propriety and the temptation to get lost in the  island's boundless freedom. And if a ship comes unexpected…
A fairy tale play in which the two main charachters, among moments of pathetic, desperate comedy, remind the reader of melancholy joy
of popular duets, from Don Quixote and Sancho Panza to Laurel and Hardy.


“A surreal and lunar pearl, among Beckett, Calderòn de la Barca and Fellini – from the author of Life is Beautiful and An Average Little Man.”

Notes to the volume

* Pages 112
* Isbn 9788875801618
* Genre Theatre


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