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La stella pi lontana
Outmost Star
author: Margherita Hack
by: Giulia Innocenzi

A dialogue between two generations, two women, two ways of telling life and society. Margherita Hack, the most famous Italian astrophysicist face to face with Giulia Innocenzi, the promise of Italian journalism: a close dialogue which deals with the controversial issue of euthanasia and inevitably gets into other issues such as ethics, secularism, women's empowerment, freedom and justice.
Margherita Hack owns that wise look free from political and religious prejudices, which comes from experience, and that keeps in great value the chance to learn from younger generations.
“A book about life, human rights and the disputed borderline between science and ethics – from the popular astrophysicist and esteemed civil activist Margherita Hack.”

Notes to the volume

* Pages 96
* Isbn 9788875801625
* Genre Non Fiction


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