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Verit o fede debole?
Truth or Weak Faith? A Dialogue between Christianity and Relativism
author: Ren Girard, Gianni Vattimo
by: Pierpaolo Antonello

Faith, secularism, the christian origins, the role of the evangelic word in the history of humanity, the relativism, the violence, the reason challenge, are the basis of a deep and openminded conversation between two of the most important philosopher in the world.

The book, written in a language accessible to a large and varied audience, assembles ten years of debates between Girard and Vattimo: althought the speculative premises are different (Christian anthropology of Girard and the Heideggerian philosophy of Vattimo), the argumentations of the two writers constantly show that their values sometimes agree and there is a common attitude.

Thanks to this premises the comparison succeed in the purpose of becoming a model of a heart to heart dialogue about these debated topics.
Translation rights sold for 7 languages
English (Columbia University Press), French (Flammarion), Spanish (Paidos), Brazilian (Santuário), Romanian (Polirom), Catalan (Edicions 62), German (Herder).
The Authors
René Girard is a world-renowned French historian, literary critic, and philosopher of social science. His work belongs to the tradition of anthropological philosophy. He is the author of several books developing the idea that human culture is based on a sacrifice as the way out of mimetic, or imitative, violence between rivals. His writing covers anthropology, theology, psychology, mythology, sociology, cultural studies, critical theory, and literary criticism, as well as philosophy. His work is also attracting increasing interest from empirical researchers investigating human imitation.

Gianni Vattimo is an internationally recognized Italian author, philosopher. He teaches hermeneutic philosophy at the University of Turin. His philosophy can be characterized as postmodern with his emphasis on “weak thought”. This requires that the foundational certainties of modernity with its emphasis on objective truth founded in a rational unitary subject be relinquished for a more multi-faceted conception closer to that of the arts. attimo draws on the philosophy of Martin Heidegger with his critique of foundations and the hermeneutical philosophy of his teacher Hans-Georg Gadamer. Perhaps his greatest influence though is the thought of Friedrich Nietzsche, whose “discovery of the 'lie', the discovery that alleged 'values' and metaphysical structures are just a play of forces, plays an important role in Vattimo’s notion of “weak thought”.

Notes to the volume

* Pages 98
* Isbn 8875800189
* Genre Non Fiction

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