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Storia di Mario
Mario's Story
author: Mario Rigoni Stern
by: Giulio Milani

This book represents the spiritual testament of the great writer Mario Rigoni Stern, died in 2008. The tribute to one of the “thinking hearts” of contemporary Italian literature takes here the form of a wide-ranging dialogue on all issues hold dear by Rigoni Stern.
In Mario's Story, the writer retraces his amazing life: his debut in Einaudi, the relationship with Vittorini and Calvino, the survey of Seventies Italian literature, his friendship with Primo Levi, Emilio Lussu and Nuto Revelli, the retreat from Russia, September 11th and its rebounds on political and military issues, the “Berlusconi case” and its precedent Mussolini, the meaning of the word “home” for a writer, duties and responsibilities towards people and world he feels as a writer.
A sort of “Brief History of Our Future”: poignant and almost prophetic.

Notes to the volume

* Pages 128
* Isbn 9788875800420
* Genre Non Fiction


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