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Transeuropa edizioni was born as “happy anomaly” in the survey of contemporary Italian publishing market.

Founded as a coordination of authors and publishers, Transeuropa's catalogue has recently confirmed that you can consolidate your audience even in those areas – like poetry, short stories and drama – traditionally considered as "weak" from the book market point of view.

According to Transeuropa philosophy, an ethical productive process is not only possible, but of great importance as a form of cultural investment which produces also economic income.
Margherita Hack
La stella più lontana
Outmost Star
ISBN 9788875801625
Pages: 96
Genre: Non Fiction

Mario Rigoni Stern
Storia di Mario
Mario's Story
ISBN 9788875800420
Pages: 128
Genre: Non Fiction

Raul Montanari
Incubi e amore
Nightmares and Love
ISBN 9788875801670
Pages: 112
Genre: Theatre

Vincenzo Cerami
Sua maestà
His Majesty
ISBN 9788875801618
Pages: 112
Genre: Theatre

Aldo Nove
Mi chiamo Roberta, ho quarant'anni, guadagno duecentocinquanta euro al mese
My name Is Roberta, I'm Forty Years Old, I Earn 250 Euros A Month
ISBN 9788875801496
Pages: 80
Genre: Theatre

Valerio Evangelisti
L'inquisitore e i portatori di luce
The Inquisitor and the Lightbearers
ISBN 9788875801434
Pages: 160
Genre: Fiction

Tiziano Scarpa
L'ultima casa
Last Home
ISBN 9788875801427
Pages: 144
Genre: Theatre

Fabio Geda
La bellezza nonostante
Beauty Regardless
ISBN 9788875801212
Pages: 88
Genre: Non Fiction

René Girard, Gianni Vattimo
Verità o fede debole?
Truth or Weak Faith? A Dialogue between Christianity and Relativism
ISBN 8875800189
Pages: 98
Genre: Non Fiction

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